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Transforming Industries,

Our combined experience with machine controls design and site management gives us a unique advantage unlike anyone else in the industry.

Image by Danial Igdery

AJ Automation company is based on the experience and knowledge accumulated over 22 years of automating, designing, building, and running automated facilities in the pharmaceutical and dispensing industry. From concept to full out production, we can help you accomplish the vision you have for your new packaging machine or site.


Our machine controls design experience combined with our site management experience gives us a unique perspective unlike anyone else in the industry. We design with the understanding of what’s required to operator and maintain the equipment in real world environment. Not just from the technical aspects, but from the compliance aspects as well.


Our pharmaceutical operation experience allows us to comprehend the requirements to maintain a validated state, and all the FDA and QA mandates.

Our overall objective is to help sites run as efficient and as automated as possible. This starts with a good/solid site, line, and machine design. But it also requires running an efficient and organized engineering/maintenance team. A team that is equipped to handle any issue that may arise during production. A team that can use data to stay ahead of any potential issues, and even come up with projects to eliminate those issues as they arise via a solid engineering reliability program.


The key is providing the data necessary to review and plan according. Data the operation team and the engineering team can utilize to determine how the site is operating, and what can be done to improve the operation.

Image by Pickawood
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